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Latest list of Ohio Wesleyan Theory-to-Practice projects announced

Ohio Wesleyan student Gretchen Curry ’12 visited Haiti in August as part of the HaitiOWU Initiative. She hopes to return soon as part of a Theory-to-Practice grant project. (Photo courtesy of Gretchen Curry ’12)

Ten projects proposed by Ohio Wesleyan University students and faculty have received funding in the latest cycle of OWU Theory-to-Practice grants.

Begun in 2009, the grant program is funded by the generous support of the President’s Circle, a group of donors who have made special gifts to support initiatives related to Ohio Wesleyan’s Strategic Plan. More than $85,000 was awarded in the latest cycle. The next deadline for Theory-to-Practice grant proposals is March 4.

Newly approved Theory-to-Practice projects are:

  • Adulthood and Aging Collaborative Exchange featuring Connections between OWU and Delaware Senior Citizens Inc. Students will visit the Senior Center to interact with center members ranging in age from 65 to 90 to learn their perspectives on the aging process. Submitted by Mindy Baker, assistant professor of psychology.
  • Asha: Microfinance in Urban India: Rebekah L. Smith ’11 of Eagle River, Alaska, will conduct research and analysis at a microfinance institution and research aspects of poverty unique to India.
  • Assessment of China as a Model for Impending Global Water Crisis: Students will travel to China to study the water shortage there and to predict what economic, political, and physical impacts the world may expect as the water shortage widens. Submitted by Sharif Kronemer ’11 of Silver Spring, Maryland.
  • Brazil Consumer Credit; Consorcio; Commodities Markets: Economics majors from Nepal, Kazakhstan, and Pakistan will travel to Brazil to study the success of the Brazilian economy, primarily Consorcios, which might serve as a viable alternative financing system in their countries. Submitted by Dias Ayubayev ’11 of Kazakhstan.
  • HaitiOWU Impact Initiative: Students will travel to Haiti to examine how Ohio Wesleyan may formalize a long-term relationship with a school and orphanage strongly supported by OWU alumnus and Life Trustee Doug Dittrick ’55. Submitted by Gretchen Curry ’12 of West Hartford, Connecticut.
  • Horizontal Gene Transfer in Vibrio Cholerae. Maisha Rashid ’11 of Bangladesh will work with the Dean of the School of Life Sciences of North South University in Bangladesh to understand ways in which new strains of cholera emerge and become epidemic.
  • Prevention and Rehabilitation Strategies for Human Trafficking Victims in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Students will travel to Thailand to work at several agencies dealing with issues of human trafficking; they will conduct research on the topic and be involved in practical application of methods to reintegrate victims into society. Submitted by Beth Ann Robb ’11 of Hinckley, Ohio.
  • Experience China: Six above-proficiency Chinese second-language learners will accompany their professor to China. Beyond immersion in Chinese culture, they must complete field exercises conducted entirely in Chinese. Submitted by Ching-Hsuan Wu, assistant professor of modern foreign languages.
  • Exploration of Subtropical Invertebrate Diversity: Genetics and Parasitology in the Laboratory and the Field: Students will contribute to the work of OWU zoology faculty Ramon Carreno and Danielle Hamill while researching a relatively unstudied organism in a unique subtropical environment.
  • Japanese Language as a Tool to Connect to the Real World: Two Research Projects: Two Students (a psychology major and a sociology/anthropology major) will conduct field work in their majors, using the Japanese language as a primary source. Submitted by Jun Kawabe, modern foreign language instructor.

Learn more about OWU’s unique Theory-to-Practice grant program.

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