A World of Bishops and Friends

Trip to Vietnam leads to unexpected OWU reunion

During a family visit to Vietnam, OWU alumnus Scott Bobbitt met with several fellow Bishops. From left, Tung Tran ’11, Ha Le ’14, Dung Pham ’13, Scott Bobbitt ’11, Hung V. Nguyen ’12, Thang Nguyen ’12, Tam Nguyen ’14, and Cuong Nguyen, ’13. (Photo courtesy of Scott Bobbitt)

When Scott Bobbitt ’11 traveled to Vietnam in July, he expected a family reunion with sister Sara Bobbitt ’08, who was interning with the international law firm Tilleke & Gibbins in Ho Chi Minh City.

He also expected a reunion with friend Dung Pham ’13, who lives in Hanoi. What Bobbitt didn’t anticipate was a larger Bishop reunion with a close-knit group of Ohio Wesleyan University alumni, students, and friends.

“I was really looking forward to Dung showing me around the city on his motorbike, which is the way to see Ho Chi Minh City,” says Bobbitt, a politics and government major from Pataskala, Ohio. “After taking me to his aunt and uncle’s for a traditional Vietnamese dinner, he said we were going to meet up with a group of OWU kids. I didn’t realize the OWU Vietnamese population was so big, and not only that, that they were such close friends.

“We met at a neat little coffee shop in the middle of the city,” says Bobbitt, who also was traveling with his parents, Geoff ’71 and Elaine. “It was really surreal meeting with OWU students halfway across the world. They were so friendly and so excited to share stories about their country. As some were from Hanoi and some were from Ho Chi Minh City, a lot of the talk was about which of the two cities is better. The jury is still out on that!”

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