About Connect2 OWU

Headquartered in the Office of University Communications at 4 Williams Drive, Connect2 OWU is an e-magazine for Ohio Wesleyan staff, faculty, students, and anyone else who’s interested in what’s going on at OWU. With its human interest and general news stories, the magazine celebrates the accomplishments of members of the Ohio Wesleyan community.

The editorial team encourages and welcomes story ideas and comments from the University family. If you’d like us to feature an upcoming campus event, please submit your request at least two weeks in advance.

Connect2 OWU staff members are:

Cole Hatcher
Phone: (740) 203-6908
Email: cehatche@owu.edu

Web Design & Technical
Doug Thompson
Phone: (740) 368-3356
Email: dethomps@owu.edu

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