Ryan Bolger ’11

Mery Kanashiro

It isn’t news to most that Ohio Wesleyan University students are among the nation’s leaders in community service, as recognized by OWU’s 2009 Presidential Award. But some might be surprised to see recent graduates such as Mery Kanashiro ’10 making a career out of serving the Delaware County community.

Cardboard for a Cause

An estimated 12,000 homeless Ohioans have only a cardboard box to serve as shelter during cold winter nights. Ohio Wesleyan University student organizations seek to raise both funds and awareness to improve the lives of these people.

Blazing a Nature Trail

While all students learn a lot during their classes at Ohio Wesleyan, the University also recognizes the value of education outside the classroom. For Kristina Bergquist ’14, internships are a valuable and fun way to explore potential career paths.

International Outreach

Ohio Wesleyan University beat the College of Wooster on September 25.

While OWU lost its first night football game on that date, the school won a second significant contest—a canned food drive competition to benefit Pakistan.