Cole Hatcher

Theory-to-Practice Grant, ‘Short Food Supply Chains in Italy and the United States’

Ohio Wesleyan faculty member Christopher Fink (left) and students Sara Scinto ’16 and Nathan Madonich ’16 traveled to Italy as part of a Theory-to-Practice Grant trip to explore food chains. (Photo courtesy of Sara Scinto ’16)

“I felt that the Theory-to-Practice Grant exposed me to new concepts and ways of thinking while also bringing familiar academic concepts full circle.” – Nathan Madonich ’16

“I made connections during the project that will assist me for the rest of my life and may provide me even more opportunities down the road.” – Sara Scinto ’16

Sun Spot!

Ohio Wesleyan’s Perkins Observatory will host daytime ‘Celebration of the Sun’ events on July 11, 18, and 25 instead of its regular Friday night skywatches. (Photo by Paul Molitor)

For three weekends in July, Ohio Wesleyan University’s “Place for Space” also becomes the “Sun Spot” as Perkins Observatory hosts its popular “Celebration of the Sun” daytime skywatches.