Cole Hatcher

KuShinda 2015

Ohio Wesleyan’s KuShinda 2015 celebration included the presentation of graduation stoles to and reflections from members of the Class of 2015. (Photo by Brandy Booth ’15)

Each year, Ohio Wesleyan University’s Office of Multicultural Student Affairs celebrates KuShinda (to be victorious) as a way to recognize outstanding student leadership, academic achievement, community impact, and more.

Student Symposium Highlights Academic Achievements

Caption goes here. (Photo by Paul Vernon)

Over the past year, Ohio Wesleyan University students have researched connections between brain waves and video games, served as a surrogate mother to 11 baby rhinoceroses, created an original music composition based on minimalism, and much more. On April 15, OWU students shared their academic experiences as part of the University’s first Student Symposium.