Katie Nunner '15

Financial Literacy

Students from assorted majors learned it’s dangerous to hit the financial snooze button when they participated in a recent financial literacy workshop sponsored by the university’s Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship.

Seeking to Heal the World

Brenda Gable’s experiences studying abroad in Jordan and completing an internship with the Syrian-American Medical Society in Washington, D.C., have helped the Ohio Wesleyan University senior to connect passion with possibility.

Internship: Army Reference Team Intern at the National Archives

“… my favorite part of this internship is that I’ve gotten to do a lot of work dealing with the public. … Working with people has really helped my figure out that while I like skulking around the dark stacks of an archives, I like dealing with people even more. It’s helped me develop a better sense of what I want to do in the archival world.” – Mackenzie Sommers ’16

Extern to Learn

What is the real world really like? What does it look like to be a chief financial officer, Ohio legislator, or marketing professional? Ohio Wesleyan’s Office of Career Services helps students to find the answers.

A Starring Role…

Spending time with Leah Shaeffer ’13, director of education at the highly regarded Gulfshore Playhouse, it is apparent how much the Ohio Wesleyan University graduate enjoys theatre, especially theatre education.

Travel-Learning Course, ‘Cervantes and the Quixote’

“I can definitely say that this opportunity allowed me to learn so much more than I expected. I got to see paintings, amazing architecture, and even a medieval castle. This experience made me realize how important Miguel de Cervantes and many other writers of the 17th century still are for Spanish culture.” – Roger Skidmore-Nieto ’15

“To me, there is no more empowering or rewarding experience than being able to navigate a foreign country in its own language, and OWU helped me to feel empowered.” – Tyler Wake ’16

Theory-to-Practice Grant, ‘Finding a Path to a Deeper Expression on Stage: The Balinese Workshop for Actors’

“I highly value creating a work that is universal to all; a work that isn’t dependent on a certain language or tradition, but liberated from it all to reach every human regardless of his or her background. My exploration in Bali has certainly given me the cement to build the bridge I seek to connect different cultures.” – Haenny Park ’15

A Glimpse into the Future

Where will the economy be in 2015 and beyond? Will interest rates rise and inflation follow? What will happen to GDP? Panelists at Ohio Wesleyan University’s 2015 Economic Outlook Conference remain moderately optimistic about the future.