Ohio Wesleyan University

Memories – New and Old

November 12, 2013: First Snow of the Season (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

From celebrating our Ohio Wesleyan heritage, to learning from OWU alumni and other guest lecturers, to enjoying the first snow of the season (and the resulting pools of golden leaves), it’s a perfect time for making memories as Fall Semester 2013 races toward its conclusion.

Fall Finery

October 30, 2013: Fall Campus Miscellaneous (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

From the gleaming metallic pipes of the Rexford Keller Memorial Organ, to the golden foliage decorating campus trees, to the cute and clever Halloween costumes created by students and employees, Ohio Wesleyan is adorned in a unique regalia this season.

Pumpkins and Percussion

October 21, 2013: Academic Affairs Pumpkin Carving Event (Photo by Matt Wasserman ’14)

Ohio Wesleyan’s Academic Affairs Office carved pumpkins during a recent lunch, with Provost Chuck Stinemetz contributing the OWU design. And OWU’s East Asia Studies and International Studies programs sponsored a visit from Oberlin College’s Taiko drummers. It’s a cornucopia of sights and sounds at Ohio Wesleyan this fall!

Reasons to Smile…

October 3, 2013: Fall Campus (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

The OWU family got together for Family Weekend and Homecoming Weekend, and the Battling Bishop took a cue from Where’s Waldo, showing up with President Rock Jones at a local elementary school and with his fellow mascots at the Ohio Statehouse. Combine these photos with some eye-catching images of OWU transitioning into fall, and you’ve got lots of reasons to smile…