Make the Connection

Travel-Learning Course, ‘Elegance and Brutality: Topics in Modern Japanese Literature’

“Japan has been very clever in changing the behavior of mass amounts of citizens, and even if each citizen’s savings are minuscule, it all adds up to save a very large amount of energy. … [L]earning about it firsthand taught us just how far behind our country is but also how far we can go with our environmental movement.” – Kevin Rossi ’17

Theory-to-Practice Grant, ‘Short Food Supply Chains in Italy and the United States’

“I felt that the Theory-to-Practice Grant exposed me to new concepts and ways of thinking while also bringing familiar academic concepts full circle.” – Nathan Madonich ’16

“I made connections during the project that will assist me for the rest of my life and may provide me even more opportunities down the road.” – Sara Scinto ’16

Internship: Army Reference Team Intern at the National Archives

“… my favorite part of this internship is that I’ve gotten to do a lot of work dealing with the public. … Working with people has really helped my figure out that while I like skulking around the dark stacks of an archives, I like dealing with people even more. It’s helped me develop a better sense of what I want to do in the archival world.” – Mackenzie Sommers ’16