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Ohio Wesleyan Professor to Review Fulbright Scholarship Applications

Randolph K. Quaye, Ph.D.

DELAWARE, Ohio – Randolph K. Quaye, Ph.D., director of Ohio Wesleyan University’s Black World Studies Program, has been invited to help review applications for Fulbright Scholarships submitted by scholars around the world. Quaye, himself a former Fulbright Scholar, will review applications in sociology as part of a Fulbright Scholar Discipline Peer Review Committee. The Fulbright…

Ohio Wesleyan Professor Featured in New York Times

Michael W. Flamm, Ph.D.

Ohio Wesleyan University history professor Michael W. Flamm writes in today’s New York Times that 50 years ago, “an off-duty white police officer, Lt. Thomas Gilligan, shot and killed a black student, James Powell, outside an apartment building on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Hundreds of his classmates took to the streets in protest.”