Heritage Day Set for November 13

Learning more about OWU’s past

Ohio Wesleyan is a place that is rich in history. Sharing that history with members of the OWU community and friends is what the Heritage Day celebration is all about. This annual spotlight on a historical part of campus—whether it is the history of a group or organization on campus, or a building that has been an intricate part of the University—is scheduled for November 13.

Relatively new to OWU, Heritage Day began in 2008, and was developed to build campus spirit and enrich campus life.

“The more you know about the past, the more you appreciate it,” says Nancy Rutkowski, assistant director of student involvement for leadership and coordinator of Heritage Day. The focus of this year’s event is “If These Walls Could Talk: Tales of Living, Learning, and Lifelong Friends.” The focus will be on learning about the buildings on campus as well as those that are no longer here.

Those who participate in this year’s Heritage Day will actually take a tour through history. Following registration for the program (look for a booth that will be set up in the Hamilton-Williams Campus Center from October 29-November 9 during the noon hour) several groups of five will be organized These groups will be taken on a walk through history. Given a map, each group members will set out and find markers of historical significance and they also will also be able to get a peek at the new plans for new student housing that are in the works! When group members locate designated places on the map, they might be greeted by familiar figures from OWU’s past. Participants will hear strange and interesting historical facts. As groups find all the sites on the map, they will take their maps to the newly renovated Stuyvesant Hall, and after everyone has turned in their maps, one group will be randomly selected, and the winners will be taken up to the bell tower in University Hall.

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