Integrating Theory and Practice of Business

OWU’s new Economics Management Fellows. (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

OWU’s new Economics Management Fellows. (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

Welcoming 12 students to the 2013 Economics Management Fellows Program (EMF) on August 23, Alice Simon, the Louis A. Simpson ’58 Endowed Faculty Director of the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship; and the James Heisler Professor of Economics. She encouraged the students to share something interesting about themselves with the large group of students, parents, and faculty and staff members who gathered for lunch that day. As it turned out, besides their common interest in economics, many of the students are on athletic teams at OWU—soccer, lacrosse, football, and tennis. Several new Fellows also play musical instruments including the cello, violin, and drums. But all are excited about beginning their studies at OWU.

OWU’s new Economics Management Fellows are: Brooks Gilmore, Alec Weyneth, Sean Foley, Ben Farynowski, Ben Simpson, Megan Kuether, Chris Brinich, Skye Wanstrath, Kellie Garvin, Graham Littlehale, and Margaret Rohrs.

“The EMF program is part of the reason I came to OWU,” says Margaret Rohrs, who is interested in entrepreneurship, or possibly publishing after graduation. Megan Kuether has been thinking about an accounting career and perhaps a minor in economics. “Being an EMF Fellow gives me opportunities that many students don’t get and I’ve already seen how much the professors really care about students.”

Introduced in fall 2008, the Economics Management Fellows Program is sponsored by the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship and is intended to help students integrate the theory and practice of business. The program provides an in-depth experience for first-year students who are interested in economics, economics management, international business, or accounting. Applicants selected for the program receive a $500 book allowance for three consecutive semesters, access to a special seminar class taught collaboratively by OWU economics faculty members, and access to networking events with alumni and guest speakers visiting campus. In addition, the Fellows will travel to New York City in the spring where they will tour the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and meet with OWU alumni from such organizations as Merryll Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley, Goodman Media International Inc., and Castle Harlan Inc.

Chris Binich ’17 discusses with Patricio Plazolles what promises to be an exciting year for EMF students. (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

Chris Binich ’17 discusses with Patricio Plazolles what promises to be an exciting year for EMF students. (Photo by Mark Schmitter ’12)

“Our students have opportunities to get to know OWU alumni, ask questions, and draw on their expertise,” shared OWU President Rock Jones, also emphasizing how new Fellows will gain valuable exposure to the economics department and internship opportunities. He urged students to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know faculty members—“quickly and early.” For Skye Wanstrath, being part of EMF has several benefits.

“I am a member of a club that allows me to further my experience with economics, develop experience working with others, gain skills necessary to work in the business world, and create a network,” says Wanstrath. “I would love to be able to go into the field of consumer psychology. I decided to come to Ohio Wesleyan because it has an environment that allows people to grow and explore!”

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