Course Connection, ‘Modern Life and Its Discontents’

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Luke Plazek ’16

Luke Plazek ’16

Name: Luke Plazek ’16
Majors/Minors: Art History and History / Philosophy and English
Hometown: Westfield Center, Ohio
Experience: Course Connection: Modern Life and Its Discontents

“I have learned quite a great deal in participating with the Modern Life and Its Discontents Course Connection. It has been a great way to introduce myself to some concepts in modernity as well as meeting a bunch of professors that were really awesome in helping me feel comfortable and welcome on campus.

“It is really difficult to pinpoint one small thing that I learned and to describe it in detail because I think that the Course Connection was great not only as an experience but also as an academic leaping ground. I was introduced to lots of great Modernist thinkers and works while having the opportunity to discuss them at length with a group of professors coming from many different disciplines.

“I really feel as if I learned a lot from the group and that it was, perhaps, the most academically enriching experience I had at OWU last year.”


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