Travel-Learning Course, ‘Fallout on Fleet Street: Effects of Rupert Murdoch Scandal on British Press’

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Tim Alford ’14

Tim Alford ’14

Name: Tim Alford ’14
Majors: Journalism and Politics & Government
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
Experience: Travel-Learning Course, May 2013: “Fallout on Fleet Street: Effects of Rupert Murdoch Scandal on British Press,” London, England

“Through a random discussion with a staff member at the House of Commons, we were able to get passes for some of us to watch a session of Parliament. The somewhat flexible nature of our course allowed a few of us to attend this session and expand our knowledge in an area I never expected.

“Being a politics major with aspirations to work in the U.S. Congress, this was a fascinating opportunity to see how another country runs [its] government and debates. I was able to learn so much from the tours, lectures, and discussions with the various people we met in London.

“This information will stay with me far longer than had I just learned about the subject through a textbook.”


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