myOWU Offers Speedy Information Gateway

Uniting form and function
(Image courtesy of OWU’s office of Information Services)

(Image courtesy of OWU’s office of Information Services)

In tandem with work now under way to redesign Ohio Wesleyan’s website, myOWU is taking on an even more critical role in connecting students, faculty, and staff members to services and relevant information, data, procedures, and to each other. As OWU’s website is being updated to enhance navigation and service, myOWU, the University’s information gateway, both personalizes and streamlines the numerous tasks, information gathering, decision making, and engagement specific to Ohio Wesleyan’s liberal arts learning environment.

When OWU’s redesigned website goes live next month, the current J/CX Employee, Faculty, and Student links from the homepage will disappear. The myOWU gateway is designed to consolidate and improve service to members of the OWU community.

“All of the content available via the J/CX links is available on myOWU,” says Brian Rellinger, OWU’s Chief Information Officer. “Additional content will be added during the spring semester, including popular forms that are currently scattered throughout the OWU website.”

While myOWU has been in place since the spring, it still may be helpful to know some basic information to make the best use of this tool. To learn more, go to and log in using your OWU credentials. General University announcements are posted on this page as well as OWU events, The OWU Daily, recent emails, and a calendar. Content included in the Faculty, Staff, and Students tabs is relevant to each group. Many faculty and staff members are using myOWU daily to access BishopMail and their calendars.

“I like that I can look at the links for The Daily and Connect2 OWU right on the [myOWU] front page,” says Jenifer Burks, secretary in OWU’s Career Services office. “myOWU allows for easy access to directories and campus reservations. I can, for example, connect to the Human Resources site under ‘Faculty and Staff,’ which takes me to Anthem’s website with just a few clicks. You can access public safety updates, change your profile information, and get budget information in a user-friendly way. myOWU is a great tool for finding information for work and keeping up-to-date with the OWU community. I encourage everyone to check it out.”

In addition, further personalization of each user’s myOWU landing page is possible by adding desired links to newsfeeds, blogs, and other frequently visited websites.

“myOWU is providing a consistent, convenient interface with a variety of OWU services,” says OWU President Rock Jones. “While developing myOWU, our intent was to bring many different data sources and applications together into one interface while providing audience-specific content for our students, faculty, and staff members. In addition, myOWU provides new functionality for members of the OWU community and opportunities for increased communication and collaboration campus-wide.”

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