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Ohio Wesleyan Student-Produced Video Recognized in Campus Activities Contest

Ohio Wesleyan University’s beloved Day on the JAY is now renowned outside of the OWU community.

Sophomore Kassidy Spring and the Campus Programming Board combined efforts this year to create a Day on the JAY video for the National Association of Campus Activities video contest. The OWU video was one of three national finalists for schools with up to 5,000 undergraduate, full-time students.

“Day on the JAY is the biggest event of each semester, and it is one that brings not only the campus, but the town of Delaware together for a much enjoyed celebration,” says Spring, Marketing Chair for the CPB. “Each semester, there is immense thought that goes into the process of planning for the event to ensure it is all new and exciting for students, staff, and any residents of Delaware who may show up.”

For the video, Spring included photos and footage from Day on the JAY events over the last four years, combining these elements with music, text, and creativity. She strove to connect viewers to her video by using catchy music and consistent themes.

“When you create a video like that, it has to be informative so the audience understands the event you are showcasing,” she says. “It also has to showcase people who really look like they are enjoying themselves. Incorporating video with pictures brings the event to life and makes it more believable. Additionally, it has to flow smoothly to keep the attention of the audience.”

The unity Day on the JAY creates is the most important aspect of the tradition, Spring says.

“I think it’s so cool that the entire campus is a part of this event,” she notes, “and I think there is no better way to feel great about jumping back into school in the fall or finishing up the semester in the spring than a nice day and a festival.”

Nancy Rutkowski, CPB adviser and Assistant Director of Student Involvement for Leadership, says Ohio Wesleyan has been a member of the National Association of Campus Activities for a number of years and entered the contest with confidence.

“We thought we could win!” Rutkowski says, adding that the group is excited about being a finalist and already thinking about next year’s contest.

“(We’re still) basking in the glow,” Rutkowski says.

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