New Chair Appointed for Men’s Basketball Committee

OWU’s Coach Mike DeWitt to Head National Division III Group

Mike DeWitt. (Photo courtesy of OWU’s Office of Marketing and Communication)

Mike DeWitt, Ohio Wesleyan’s men’s basketball coach, was appointed to chair the national Division III Men’s Basketball Committee effective in September. He will help organize the Division III national basketball tournament.

DeWitt says his heaviest workload will occur during the last month of basketball season as the committee begins regional rankings and selecting teams for the national tournament. He thinks it will be a “unique challenge” to run the NCAA Division III championship game in Atlanta in conjunction with the NCAA Division I Final Four.

DeWitt was appointed chair after three years on the national committee. He aims to increase his committee’s transparency and the openness of the regional committee rankings.

DeWitt says his new responsibilities will not coincide with that of being coach for Ohio Wesleyan’s men’s basketball team.

“I’m on conference calls mainly on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the last month of the season and during the tournament. If our team is fortunate enough to be considered for the tournament again this year, I don’t participate on the calls and another committee member will fill in for me.”

Roger Ingles, Ohio Wesleyan’s athletic director, thinks DeWitt is a good fit for chair because he is knowledgeable about the “inside scoops” of the Division III national tournament. He also notes DeWitt’s ability to communicate with the press and his extensive experience.

“He is a great young coach who works hard and is outstanding at what he does. He is a good representative of Ohio Wesleyan. … He will transfer those (qualities) to all players nationwide in this role.”

Ingles says DeWitt’s appointment is “another example of (Ohio Wesleyan) coaches being recognized nationally for their leadership ability.” He says Ohio Wesleyan has long been a leader in Division III and has had several coaches and staff members serve on national committees.

Although DeWitt will not be the official Division III Men’s Basketball Committee Chair until September, he will work with Ken Schumann, the current chair, until then.

DeWitt will also serve as chair of the Great Lakes Region Committee for his fourth and last year.

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