Ohio Wesleyan Professor Discusses Ireland’s Future

Sean Kay Commentary Published in Chicago Tribune
Sean Kay, Ph.D.

Sean Kay, Ph.D.

Ohio Wesleyan politics and government professor Sean Kay publishes a commentary in the Chicago Tribune discussing news that Ireland is leaving the European Union/International Monetary Fund bailout mechanism and regaining economic sovereignty.

There’s more to the story than meets the eyes, says Kay, Ph.D., author of “Celtic Revival?: The Rise, Fall, and Renewal of Global Ireland.”

“The tragic reality is that the bailout Ireland just exited was not designed to help the country’s economy recover,” Kay writes in the commentary originally published on ForeignPolicy.com. “Widespread inability to meet personal debt obligations, high unemployment, heightened food insecurity, and soaring murder and suicide rates are just a few examples of the depth of searing pain that has left a tragic imprint on the Irish landscape.”

Read Kay’s full commentary, “Why Ireland’s economy only looks good from afar.” (Free registration required.)

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