Ohio Wesleyan Students Capture Travel-Learning Trips on Video

New videos highlight trips to Mexico, Costa Rica, and Greece

Ohio Wesleyan travel-learning class members visited The Acropolis with Judy Climer Jones (OWU Class of 1969—shown second to the left, front row), who helped them set up meetings with officials there. (Photo courtesy of Ashley Biser)

Ohio Wesleyan students are using Flip video cameras to capture highlights from their travel-learning trips to add a new dimension to these unique learning opportunities.

OWU’s Office of the Provost provided the Flip cams, used for the first time during spring break and summer travel-learning and theory-to-practice trips.

Video footage and still photographs taken by students and faculty were used to create the new videos featuring interviews with the participants after they returned to campus. The videos were created with assistance from the offices of Marketing and Communication and Media Services.


Philosophy – An Alternate View

The students studied various philosophers, including modern Latin American theorists. For their trip, they visited the Zapatistas, who have resisted neoliberal globalization and live in an indigenous-controlled, cooperatively-governed community that is autonomous from the Mexican State. This video includes interviews with Philosophy Professor Shari Stone-Mediatore, Ph.D.; Sarah Ingles ’11; and Ellen Platt ’11.


Politics & Government – Ancient to Modern-Time Issues

The students studied the political theories of ancient Greece as well as its 21st century issues. After their visit to Athens, they put theory into practice in assembly simulations in the classroom. This video includes interviews with Politics & Government Assistant Professor Ashley Biser, Ph.D.; Kate Lewis-Lakin ’14; Kathleen Dalton ’13; and Kaitlin Lentz ’13.


Economics – What is “Green” Tourism?

The class studied sustainability, ecotourism, and Eco Certification, and then visited Costa Rica—a leading location for “green” tourism opportunities. This video includes interviews with Assistant Professor of Economics Andrew Meyer, Ph.D.; Brandt McDonough ’11; and Abby DeCook ’13.


Geography and Globalization

The class studied issues related to the U.S.-Mexico border region and then visited San Diego and Tijuana to compare the sharply varying geographies. This video includes interviews with Assistant Professor of Geology-Geography David Walker, Ph.D.; Jack Schemenauer ’11; Dylan Walsh ’12; Marina Metzler ’12; and Margot Kleptko ’13.

Additional videos chronicling OWU’s summer trips will be created in the fall after participating students and faculty return to campus.

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