The OWU Experience (UC160) with Professor Bonnie Milne Gardner

Learn how OWU’s Course Connections, Travel-Learning Courses, Theory-to-Practice Grants, and other programs prepare students for global citizenship and leadership and help them…Make the Connection.

Jonathan Oberschlake ’17

Jonathan Oberschlake ’17

Name: Jonathan Oberschlake ’17
Majors: History, Pre-Law, Politics and Government
Minor: Theatre
Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Experience: The OWU Experience (UC160) with Professor Bonnie Milne Gardner. The OWU Experience helps connect students with all of the opportunities available with their OWU educations.

“[The OWU Experience] offers the chance to not only gain familiarity with the campus and what is available to students, but it also helps in the transition from high school to college.

“During the course, my section went to the fair trade store downtown, Global Village, for a service-learning project. While volunteering, I was able to see a wide variety of products that were from all around the world, and each item had its own story and showed the culture from the country in which it came. I was able to learn a great deal about what fair trade actually was as well as seeing many customs that exist in the world that we all share.

“My favorite part was meeting new incoming students, such as myself, and getting to know each one on a personal level. There were a wide variety of personalities, and we were all a part of the course to make ourselves familiar with the University while having fun along the way.”

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