OWU Welcomes 16 Economics Management Fellows to Campus

Students to take part in specialized classes, seminars, networking events and a capstone trip to New York City

Economics professor Goran Skosples added his words of welcome to the new members of OWU’s Economics Management Fellows Program. (Photo by John Holliger)

Ohio Wesleyan welcomed 16 students to the 2011 Economics Management Fellows Program on August 19.  The students come from across the nation, from Southern California and Massachusetts, and from around the world, with a student from India joining this year’s class.

“We are excited to welcome our fourth class of Economic Management Fellows to OWU and the Economics Department,” said Alice Simon, co-director of the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship, and James Heisler Professor of Economics. “The students are excited about beginning their studies in the areas of economics, economics with management, international business or accounting.”

The Economics Management Fellows Program, introduced in fall 2008, provides an in-depth experience for first-year students interested in these areas of study. Applicants selected for the program receive a $500 book allowance, access to a special seminar class taught collaboratively by OWU economics faculty members, and access to networking events with returning alumni and guest speakers.  On Mother’s Day 2012, the group will travel to New York City to tour the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and meet with Ohio Wesleyan alumni from organizations such as Advisen Ltd., AllianceBernstein L.P., CapGen Financial Group, Castle Harlan Inc., Goldman Sachs, Goodman Media International Inc., and even the New York Mets.

The Economics Management Fellows Program is sponsored by the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business and Entrepreneurship, and is intended to help students integrate the theory and practice of business.

“The first students who came through the EMF Program are now seniors at Ohio Wesleyan,” said John Boos, professor of management and co-director of the Woltemade Center. “We have established a strong track record of success with the previous classes of students who have completed the program, and their experiences and feedback have helped us continue to refine and enhance the program so that these new students will have the best possible experience in the year ahead.”

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