Plazolles Recognized by Native Country

Voting has begun for Peruvian Pride 2011

Patricio Plazolles. (Photo courtesy of OWU’s Office of Marketing and Communication)

Patricio Plazolles, program officer of the Woltemade Center for Economics, Business, and Entrepreneurship, and a native of Peru, has been nominated for the “Peruvian Pride 2011″ Prize, which recognizes Peruvians who strengthen the image of Peru through their achievements in other countries.

The contest is organized by the NGO Anna Lindh and sponsored by the Department of Foreign Affairs of Peru and the Commission of the Congress of Foreign Affairs in that country. Those who are nominated for the prize are found on the event website, and voting in several categories is now underway.

Plazolles studied business administration at the Universidad Católica de Santa María. Following his university studies, he worked for six years as a budget analyst and and cost control executive for Hierro-Peru, a mining company. In 1986, he came to the United States, beginning his career in OWU’s accounting department and later working in Information Services. He holds an MBA in Business Administration, specializing in leadership, from Franklin University.

For the past eight years, Plazolles has worked with students at the Woltemade Center, with significant responsibility for their development outside the classroom. The programs he has created have forged close connections between students, alumni, local businesses, and the community, and he encourages ethics, civic education, and a sense of service and commitment. At Ohio Wesleyan, he advised the Entrepreneurship Club and currently advises the student Marketing Group; served on the President’s Commission for Racial and Cultural Diversity; is a board member for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. birthday celebration; and is the representative for The Philadelphia Center, where many OWU students experience independent city living while serving internships in various Philadelphia governmental and social agencies.

Within the Delaware community, Plazolles was Chair of the Board of the Global Village Collection, a Delaware store that provides opportunities for artisans from throughout the world to sell their products in North America. In this position, he worked with Professor Emeritus Clifford Cook and various OWU student organizations to put together an event to provide basic needs and support for Peruvians affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred in 2007.

He is a member of the Delaware County Job and Family Services Planning Committee, a member of the organizing and planning committee of the 2011 Ohio Latino Diversity Talent Leadership Conference, and served on the committee for strategic planning at the Delaware Area Career Center. He also has participated as a consultant to the city of Dublin, Ohio, to study the feasibility of a center for international business, which will become operational in a few months.

Beyond Delaware, Plazolles participated in a multidisciplinary study of NAFTA and its effects on immigration over a 10-year period. He worked in several cities in Mexico, meeting with local and international leaders, as well as with private organizations and the United Nations.

Together with Cook, Plazolles also traveled to Peru to study the free trade treaty with United States, interviewing representatives of the American Chamber of Commerce, the ministries of energy and mines, and economy and finance. He also conducted interviews with factory managers, workers, businessmen, and academics at various universities.

With the support of the Office of Chaplain, the Banco de Credito del Peru, Peru Aktion, Shougang Hierro-Peru, PROSOYA and other local organizations, along with friends and community leaders, Plazolles worked to create a program of global leadership in Peru.

“People migrate for many reasons and causes,” Plazolles says, “but the values and principles of integrity and identity are the compass that guides us in lands with customs and languages different from our own. We obtain respect through participation in strengthening the community we live in. Although we are living abroad, we all have a great responsibility—moral and patriotic—to our country of origin. We must give our support to the new generations, and develop their potential for leadership, professional, intellectual, social and emotional growth.”

Plazolles is doing very well in the voting, but the OWU community can help put one of its own over the top. Here’s how (it sounds much more complicated than it is):

  1. Go to
  2. Look for Patricio’s picture (Patricio Plazolles Emanuel). Click on it.
  3. On the new link, you will see a green square that says VOTA (vote).
  4. Below the green square, in small type, you will find the word Registrarse (register). Click on it and answer the registration questions:
    • Pais (country) from where you are voting. In case of the United States, you will choose Estados Unidos
    • Ciudad (city), but enter your state instead.
    • Nombre (name)
    • Correo Electronico (email address)
    • Contraseña (password). Create the password you will use to vote. Write it down. You’ll need it again in a moment.
  5. When you’ve finished filling out the boxes, click the button that says Registrarse. You will receive a screen that says Felicitaciones, which means congratulations; you have been registered.
  6. When you see the Felicitaciones screen, go immediately to your email, where you will find a confirming message. This message includes a long link. Click on it.
  7. You will be taken to a page that asks you to Clic Aquí (click here).
  8. You will then see a screen asking you to log in with the email address and password you registered with earlier. Click the Acceder (access) button.
  9. You will be taken back to the page you saw in step #2 above. Click Patricio’s picture again, and this time click the green box will say VOTACION.
  10. In the Su comentario (your comment) field, enter a sentence or more saying why you are voting for Patricio.
  11. Click Enviar (send), and you will immediately see the number Patricio’s vote total increase by one.

Let’s keep that vote total moving up—and congratulations, Patricio!

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