Professor Sean Kay Weighs in on Summit Outcomes

(Photo courtesy of Sean Kay)

Ohio Wesleyan Professor of Politics and Government Sean Kay, Ph.D., was interviewed by the Medill National Security Zone for its “Top of the Summits” report following the important issues that arose from the recent G-8 and NATO summits.

“It seemed to me while NATO was fiddling, Greece was burning,” said Kay, who specializes in international politics. “These two large meetings produced almost nothing for one of the most serious crises.”

Graduate students at Northwestern University’s Medill National Security Journalism Initiative explored the issues and impact of the NATO summit in Chicago and G8 meeting at Camp David, from the protests to the economy and military.

In addition to the Medill web site, the student work was published by the European Union Institute for Security Studies following peer review and editing by the Brussels-based think tank’s editors.

Professor Kay also was quoted in the Miami Herald this week in coverage of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s trip to Poland. In addition, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation interviewed Dr. Kay about Ireland’s austerity measures.

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