A Sweet Ending

The OWU campus was frosted with snow this fall as the semester came to a close. In recent weeks, we also enjoyed dancing at the President’s Ball, relaxing at Stress Free Day, and salivating over the sweet structures created for the 2nd annual gingerbread house contest.

December 6, 2013: Stress Free Day at Hamilton-Williams Campus Center
(Photos by Yuki Phan ’14)

December 6-13, 2013: Campus Snow
(Photos by Cole Hatcher, Yuki Phan ’14, Mark Schmitter ’12, and Matt Wasserman ’14)

December 9, 2013: President’s Ball
(Photos by Matt Wasserman ’14)

December 9-12, 2013: Gingerbread House Contest
(Photos by Cole Hatcher and Yuki Phan ’14)

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