Wanna Be the Bishop?

OWU’s Spirit King: The Bishop. (Photo by Sara Blake)

OWU’s Spirit King: The Bishop. (Photo by Sara Blake)

Bishop Pride is a powerful component of the OWU experience—and yet, we do not have a consistent and established mascot program for the Bishop! If you were to look at other universities, you would see there are established rules, guidelines, and routines for their mascots. We want to start a program that looks more like these. A new, consistent program will allow for continuity within Bishop attitudes, routines, and [dance] moves as well as Bishop representatives who know what is expected of them, and have the ability to maintain the standards of the Bishop—and who know how to take care of the mascot suit. Are you interested?

Applications will be available at OWU’s Student Involvement Office or by contacting me, Kelsey Brewer at siostap@owu.edu. Completed applications are due Friday, March 28 by noon, at the Student Involvement Office. Selected applicants will continue with the process by participating in an interview and possibly an audition. At that level, the OWU Cheer Squad will teach candidates a sample routine and cheers to perform for members of the selection committee. Our ideal candidates are OWU students with a high level of enthusiasm and energy, strong OWU pride and campus spirit, an outgoing personality, and who have a moderate level of physical ability (cheer routines will not be physically demanding, but applicants need to move well in the costume and feel comfortable in it).

For more information, contact Kelsey Brewer at siostap@owu.edu.

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