Alumni Success – 2009-2012 Hunsinger Awardees

Kyle Holliday ’09, Lewis Center, Ohio.

Kyle Holliday ’09, Lewis Center, Ohio.

Kyle Holliday ’09
Basketball/Accounting major
Recipient of the inaugural Don Hunsinger Award in 2009

For four years at Ohio Wesleyan, Kyle Holliday strived to be his best the basketball court and in the classroom. His hard work resulted in him being named the first-ever winner of the NCAC’s Don Hunsinger Award. “I was extremely proud to be representing OWU and I hope that it displayed why OWU is an institution that provides the very best academic and athletic opportunities for its students. I am very proud of winning that prestigious award because I worked so hard at being the best student-athlete that I could for 4 years and to have that hard work pay off was extremely rewarding.”

Kyle has continued to set very high standards from himself. He does this by setting individual goals that are attainable and then determining the best way to achieve those goals. He says he is motivated to reach those goals and achieve success by a fear of failure and letting down those around him.

“When I played basketball, I was driven to practice my skills and get faster and stronger so that I could best help my team on the court,” he says. “Now in my workplace, I find myself striving to learn more and take on new roles in order to best help my company.”

Today Kyle lives in Lewis Center, Ohio, with his wife and works in financial accounting for Chipotle Mexican Grill in Columbus. He recently accepted the position with Chipotle after three years working for a public accounting firm. Kyle says he has found success not in the amount of money he makes, the house he lives in, or the car he drives.

“Simply, I define success as working as hard as you can to be the best person you can and influence the lives of those you come into contact with on a daily basis, whether that be family members, friends and co-workers, in order to make the world a better place than you found it,” he says.

David Gatz ’10, Baltimore, Maryland.

David Gatz ’10, Baltimore, Maryland.

David Gatz ’10
Swimming & Diving/ Biochemistry, Pre-Medicine, and Pre-Professional Zoology majors
Recipient of the Don Hunsinger Award in 2010

David Gatz graduated from Ohio Wesleyan a scholar-athlete and his scholar-athlete mentality continues to drive him. Before beginning medical school at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Fall 2011, David worked as an epidemiology intern with the Delaware General Health District, and then with Dr. Stephen Kirkby ’97 at Nationwide Children’s Hospital on his Cystic Fibrosis research.

David continues to strive for success in his life. He defines success as when one uses their own passions to help meet the needs of the world. David attributes a large part of his success to Ohio Wesleyan which he says cultivates success by nurturing to those with diverse interests, encouraging students to pursue success in multiple areas of their life at once like sports, academics and service.

“I think watching my friends and peers at Ohio Wesleyan achieve as much success as they have, only furthered help motivate me to try and do the same,” he says. “It also helps that I have been blessed with some amazing opportunities, and friends and family who are a constant source of support.”

Being accepted into medical school at Johns Hopkins was a huge success for David, who says he was literally shaking for 20 minutes after getting the acceptance call. He also was invited to compete as a finalist for, and he ultimately won, the NCAA Walter Byers Postgraduate Scholarship, which provides a generous amount of funding for graduate level study. And while most of his time at medical school is spent in class or studying he has found time for a quite ambitious endeavor called The Patient Promise. It is a pledge health care professionals voluntarily take and promise to try and lead by example in exhibiting healthy lifestyle behaviors. Since its inception, several hundred current and future health care professionals have signed the promise and new chapters at other medical institutions are continuing to be established, David says.

“It is an ongoing project and success for it will ultimately be defined by whether we are able to change the culture of medicine in a manner that helps prevent the development of chronic disease amongst clinicians and patients,” David says of The Patient Promise.

Kyle Herman ’11, Beirut, Lebanon.

Kyle Herman ’11, Beirut, Lebanon.

Kyle Herman ’11
Cross Country and Track & Field/International students and politics and government majors
Recipient of the Don Hunsinger Award in 2011

While at Ohio Wesleyan, Kyle Herman says he found success in helping his track and cross country teams win NCAC and All-Ohio Championships, and in approving and implementing new ideas to help current and future Bishops have happier and healthier experiences at OWU. Today, Kyle is enjoying success in teaching world history and civics to high school students near Beirut, Lebanon. He says he seeks to inspire his students, and that he might help people in Lebanon better understand American and help Americans better understand the Arab world.

Looking to his future, Kyle, who intends to obtain a master’s degree in public policy with a focus on international relations, hopes to find success in helping guide American power as a force for good by preventing violence and protecting human rights.

“Ultimately, I think success is strengthening myself and others so that we can all live happier, healthier lives,” he says.

Winning the Hunsinger Award last year was a wonderful honor, but more than anything, Kyle says, it shows how well Ohio Wesleyan encourages all of its students to become well-rounded citizens. “I have faith that by using my talents, I will be happy, healthy, and helpful,” he says. “I want to feel like I’ve made a difference.  Knowing I have the support of my friends and family is a powerful motivator.  I tend to be an all-too-consciously imperfect perfectionist.  I try to celebrate the small victories, but I’m never really satisfied because I’m always trying to make improvements.”

Sharif Kronemer ’12 (left), London, England, with Guanyi Yang ’13 in China.

Sharif Kronemer ’12 (left), London, England, with Guanyi Yang ’13 in China.

Sharif Kronemer ’12
Cross Country and Track & Field/ Neuroscience major
Recipient of the Don Hunsinger Award in 2012

Winning the Don Hunsinger award this year meant being part of a legacy at Ohio Wesleyan of student-athletes, Sharif I. Kronemer says. Looking to the future, Sharif says, the award will remind him of the life-changing, exciting, and emotional moments at OWU that he experienced both on the track and in the classroom.

“One of the most important lessons I learned from being an OWU runner has been that success is relative on an individual basis,” he says. “Standards of success must be set based on an athlete’s capability and commitment. In other words, most runners should not define their success as breaking the 4:00 mile. Success is not how much smarter, stronger, or faster you are than your peers. Success is how much smarter, stronger, or faster you are than yourself a month ago or a year ago. It is an inner-competition that I strive for. I apply the same lesson to my academic and leadership goals.”

Some accomplishments that Sharif is most proud of while at OWU include: qualifying for the NCAA Championship as a team for Cross Country in 2010, developing and teaching an undergraduate course at OWU called Consciousness and Mind, winning several NCAC team titles in Track & Field, co-founding the Healthy Bishop Initiative, and work completed as a 4 year member of OWU’s student government.

This summer Sharif enjoyed an internship at Johns Hopkins Hospital where he worked on linking schizophrenia and consciousness. This fall, while he says he is still adjusting to the idea that he won’t be on the OWU campus, Sharif begins a master’s program in cognitive neuroscience at the University College London.

“I strive to test the limits of my body and academic abilities,” Sharif says. “I am always trying to find new ways to test myself.”

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