Alumni Success – Jonna Gallo Weppler ’93

Jonna Gallo Weppler ’93

Jonna Gallo Weppler ’93

A self-described “magazine addict,” Jonna Gallo Weppler’s position at Family Circle Magazine is nothing short of her dream job. She’s the Articles Director for the publication, which means she’s involved in nearly all the ins and outs of each edition—and she absolutely loves it. “All my life, magazines gave me all sorts of information and ideas and, as corny as it sounds, just made me happy. I always smiled when I saw one in the mailbox and wondered what was inside. Happy anticipation.” After earning her degree in journalism from OWU, Weppler landed her role with Family Circle, and she’s stayed there ever since. What does she love most about her work? That’s hard to narrow down. “It’s everything,” she says. “I love the finished product, the bound issues, the permanence, paper for posterity. I love the process of bringing a story through the process from start to finish.”

When asked if she questions the future of the print publishing industry, Weppler is quick to defend its sustainability. “Naysayers have been predicting the death of print for quite awhile now. They’re wrong. As print editors we need to constantly be adapting and updating how we present information and how we stay connected to readers, but it’s all good. Print is here to stay.”

In reflecting on her career, Weppler shows deep gratitude to the OWU community.  “So many professors and administrators at Ohio Wesleyan made a huge difference in my life. They helped me become a curious thinker and a lifelong learner, which are essential elements of a first-rate editor, and a big part of my success.” And to Weppler, success means a thriving career in which family can still come first, something she’s thrilled to have found at Family Circle. “Melding a career that was more that I could have ever hoped for, with my family life, that’s success. The ultimate success, really.”

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